Namaste! We are Rajesh, Shankari & Ashwin one converted foodie and the other a foodie from birth and our new addition is the spark in our lives. What started off as a diary of sorts became a wonderful medium to foster and build friendships and showcase our passion for food & photography. The newest addition to our family is little Ashwin who joined us Sep 2010, and is already drooling over some of our cooking.

While Rajesh loves photography, Shankari loves to teach and cooking. These two passions culminate on this website. All pictures here are original, there are recipes that has been tried from other websites, cook books ,and given due credit and best of all original family recipes.  Ashwin keeps us young, fit, healthy and conscious about everything we do. Amazing how stronger we both are, physically and emotionally since Ashwin came to us.

About Shankari


Shankari’s love for eating and reminiscing about food started very young. Coming from a large family from both maternal & paternal side, meant lots of cooking and eating. Earliest memories that Shankari has are of sitting around her grandmother with about 15 cousins under the moonlight. Her grandmother would tell stories as she would place a ball of yogurt rice in the palm of the grandkids.  They would have a long wish list of delicacies that they would request their aunts and grandma to cook. Shankari’s love for cooking started when she moved away from home to work. She missed her amma’s cooking and would call her for specific recipes and some that she would try to replicate trying to remember from the time Shankari would sit on the kitchen counter forcing Amma to listen to  every thing that happened in school/college while she cooked. As Shankari started eating out with friends more often, the desire to come home and make these dishes became an obsession and there began her love affair with cooking.

Shankari’s passion to share her recipes was the start of the blog, and it blossomed to giving hands on cooking classes in the Northern California region. In her interview with edible Sacramento, she shares her passion for fresh local produce and to experiment with spices. Shankari also worked with two other food bloggers to cook her way through a Jewish cookbook. They were featured in The Sacramento Bee where she talks about how this experience opened up her eyes to a new cuisine and style of cooking.

About Rajesh

rajesh1 Rajesh got his interest in photography from his dad, who loves capturing the moment. Seeing his dad with his canon rangefinder taking pictures of kids at school events ,festivals was the inspiration, and he encouraged this hobby to Rajesh by getting him a traveller TLR box camera at age 10. Eventually Rajesh graduated to the canon range finder, which still is safely resting in the cuboard. While landscapes are a favorite, photographing Shankari’s recipes has refined Rajesh’s palette and made him a foodie. Rajesh has even conjured up a few recipes that Shankari loves, and wants him to repeat (true sign that she really relished the dish).


The stork made a surprise delivery, when we were not expecting and the world looked brighter since then.  We pay attention to labels, ingredients etc now, and watch what we eat more diligently than ever before.