Coconut Rice

I know I know I know, it has been almost a year since we posted.  While cooking has been my…

3 years ago

Chicken Biriyani

Ashwin is now 7.5 months old and he is growing fast. He has started crawling, standing up and squeals with…

7 years ago

Pineapple Rice

pineapple fried rice : a quick lunch item with leftover rice

7 years ago

Simple Rice Pilaf

This is exactly what the name suggests. We cooked this rice today morning when we had a curry left over…

8 years ago

Bulgur Wheat Pilaf

On our face book page, we had asked readers what recipes they would like to see  on this website. We…

8 years ago

Tamarind Rice

When one says tamarind rice, we think of plantain leaves lightly toasted over fire and tamarind rice wrapped in it,…

8 years ago

Spinach Pilaf

A box full organic spinach, half of which was used and the other half seemed like it was crying to…

8 years ago

Spanish Paella

We were in San Diego last week and while strolling through Balboa Park, a lady from one of the stalls…

8 years ago

Sephardi Spiced Chicken Rice

Sundays with Marlena Spieler How is everyone doing after Thanksgiving?  We had a great time with family. We cooked both…

8 years ago

Wild Rice Salad

Thanks to everyone for you who voted for me. More info here Wild rice – 1 cup Vegetable Stock –…

9 years ago