Sunday With Marlena Spieler

This is my last post for our series of cooking through the cook book, Jewish Cooking by Marlena Spieler. What a blast! I got to know two of my blogger friends more closely, had the opportunity to meet Marlena a couple of times and even learned to make Matzo ball soup from her aunt. This journey has been a pleasant and yet challenging one. It challenged me to try recipes that I may never have tried and every time, I was skeptical about it, Marlena proved me wrong each & every time. The recipes were fantastic, we have tweaked the recipes a bit, played with and savored almost all of the dishes.  Thank you Mel! for including us in this fun project.

Coming to this sweet recipe for today, I think those of you who know me, are aware that baking is not my forte. I bake, but have a few recipes that I enjoy baking and make them frequently. The name may not seem familiar to you, but if you are like me, use the store bought sugar cookie dough and this recipe is a breeze. I believe every family has their own version of sweet fillings. I used mango jam and it was delicious.

Sugar cookie dough – cut in 2 inch rounds

Mango Jam – 1/4 cup

Flour the rolling surface well and the cookie dough in 2 inch rounds. I flattened mine with a rolling pin, and spooned some mango jam in the center and folded the edges to make a triangle. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven 6- 10 minutes, until the edges turn slightly brown.

Eileen finished last of her post today and Mel has just a few more. Also go check Mel’s All clad pan giveaway for a chance to win an All clad pan.

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  1. I said this over at Eileen’s blog..but a bittersweet post, since it is the last one from Jewish Cooking. I have a few more..will be done soon too! I agree with everything you said about the project. Thank you for wanting to be a part of it Shankari. I learned a lot from you and Eileen.

  2. will miss your sundays with marlena, i’ve learned a lot from the way you took in my flvors and made them your own! look forward to seeing you in sac one of these days! xoxo m

  3. My college had a latke v. hamentaschen debate every year that was so much fun…plus you got free food at the end! I love these. One of my favorite cookies!

  4. Speaking of hamantashen, real Jewish-style deli’s are disappearing from the American food landscape, (of course, they never even made it to Sacramento in the first place), but the33rd Annual Jewish Food Faire Sunday, Sept. 26th from 9 am to 3 pm at Congregation Beth Shalom in Carmichael, 4746 El Camino Avenue is trying to keep hope alive. Iconic deli foods such as corned beef, pickles and real Jewish rye bread will be flown in fresh from three famous Jewish deli’s in New York, Berkeley and Los Angeles.

    Other classic Jewish style foods, such as chopped liver, stuffed cabbage, borscht and dozens of different baked goods, will be handmade and on hand.

    This event is about culture, food and community.

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