Pani Puri – Indian Crack?

We had loads of fun in our cooking class this month. The class was about Indian street food. what better then Pani Puri and Aloo tikki right? We also made Kaara pori (churmura).

I thought it was an acquired taste, but trust me when I say everyone loved it. The students made everything from scratch . The puris were perfect and I served it to everyone just like in India. Dunked the puri in the pani and they all waited in line to have them.

One of my students came to me and says,”this is Indian crack! I am addicted!” Now that is a compliment and I know she is hooked. One of them is planning on serving it for a party. I thoroughly enjoyed giving this class. It was a blast!

If you are interested to get the recipe, please send me an email.

10 years ago


  1. That’s right – Indian Crack!:)
    I can live on pani poori. I make it sometimes, but would love to see how you make the poories too. Wish I could come to one of your classes and the blogger meet as well. But I live on the other end of I-10. Hmm…

  2. I love how interactive chaat can be, esp. paani puri. It keeps you busy as you eat. The picture shows how enjoyable it was 🙂

  3. Looks like everyone enjoyed the chaat. Ahh.. I love paani puri and its the best road side chaat.Love to attend your class one day.

  4. You picture reminded me of my cooking class that I went to 3 years back. Boy! I had so much fun there. Miss that terribly. I can see that pani puri has become a great hit at your place. If possible, can you mail me your tamarind sauce recipe to my mail id ( It looks damn good.

  5. hi there,
    have been a lurker on this blog. I just *NEED* this recipe. I am crazy after pani puri but never get the recipe right for some reason. can you pls pls pls send me the recipe ??

  6. hi,
    my son can live on pani puri/golagappa, i was searching for a recipe for the past three years, tried some but could not get the one which they sell in shops, could u please send the recipe to me

  7. Hello,

    Please send me the recipe of Pani Puri( the complete dish- the puri,fillings and spiced water).

    Thanks and regards.


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