Rose Cardamom Ice Cream

Rose Cardamom Ice Cream

Rose Cardamom Ice Cream



Rajesh thinks I am crazy to have the heater on, wrapped in blankets and still eat ice cream in the cold winter months. But I love ice cream. Ironically Ashwin does not eat ice creams and now he has learned to say, “my loss, right? “ I wish he loved ice cream as much as I do. While I like the occasional rocky road, mud pie etc, I still crave for a pistachio flavor, rose or mango ice cream. The Indian flavored ice creams sitting in the grocery store looks like they have been there for a longer time than I would like. What do you do then when you crave for more delicate flavors? Nope, I am not the person to buy another gadget to make them from scratch. This is a super cheat version, but my students loved it when we made this in class.

The recipe is simple, or you can’t even call it a recipe. Just make sure you use organic rose petals.

Vanilla Ice cream – 4 cups

Dried Rose petals – 2 T, crushed

Rose water – 1 T

Ground Cardamom – 1 tsp

Unsalted pistachios – 2 T, finely chopped

  • Keep ice cream at room temperature for roughly 30 minutes or until it has softened. You can also place the tub in warm water for quick results
  • Stir in rose petals, rose water and ground cardamom. Fold the mixture well and freeze.
  • Garnish with pistachios and serve

This dessert is a perfect ending to any kind of meal. It generates a lot of oohs and aahs. Don’t trust me? Make it for yourself and see what your family has to say.

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