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We were at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show recently and had the opportunity to see many vendors showcase different varieties of tea. Tea is our beverage of choice at home- be it herbal or our masala chai, we start our day with a cuppa tea. When we saw the different varieties and flavors, we decided to write about tea and also because January is hot tea month! OK, truthfully, we love tea and so this post. We sampled a whole lot of teas there and we particularly liked the tea of two companies in particular. Before you start imagining anything, let’s be clear that that the tea companies we are going to talk about did not pay us to write, we sipped their teas, oohed and ahhed about it and hence this post.

An ancient beverage, we drink tea for health benefits, a habit or just the simple pleasure of holding a warm cup of tea in your hands and savoring every sip of tea on a cold winter morning.

Did you know?

All tea comes from one plant, Camellia sinensis. It is the way it is processed that make green tea, black tea  and so on. While most of us have heard about white tea, black and green tea, not many know about puerh tea and a few herbal infusions that have amazing medicinal qualities.

Teatula and Numi with a whole lot of other tea companies had booths at the fancy food show. We liked both and here is what we learnt from them

Numi has a variety of tea called puerh tea, which is aged, fermented and has an earthy taste and like fine wine gains complexity, value and health benefits over years. The tea is made from an old broad leaf tea tree from the Yunnan Mountains of South western China.

Health benefits: It helps in lowering cholesterol, reduces heartburn and the microbes aid in breaking down carbs, fiber and fat, thus helping in weight loss 😀 . Numi organic puerh tea has 32% more antioxidants than green tea.

Our personal favorite was the chocolate Puerh – Organic Black Puerh, real chocolate nibs, real vanilla beans, orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg & rooibos. They have other flavors too like Jasmine, Magnolia puerh, Mint puerh, and another favorite was Ruby chai .We have been sipping a lot of the Jasmine tea during the day.

Just before we go to bed, this is the tea we like to sip on – teatulia. The lady at the booth was passionate about tea and was excited to share with us more about the background of this company. This was a breath fresh air after seeing a few folks who just handed out samples like they would in Costco.

Their tea comes directly from a USDA certified organic garden in Bangladesh. The teas are fresh and simply pure in taste.  They had many blends brewing and guess what flavors they had – Neem and Tulsi are the two that got our attention. We wondered if the tea would be bitter like  neem leaves , but were pleasantly surprised. The flavors are bold and silky smooth.

When you have a cold, brew a hot cup of tea blending neem and tulsi( holy basil) that have great medicinal qualities with a drop of honey. Read more about neem here. In India at home, a concoction of tulsi, coriander seeds, cumin etc would be steeped and given to us when we had a bad cold or fever. We have been buying dried tulsi from home especially for this and we don’t have to any more. The other flavors that they had were lemon grass, Bengal Breakfast tea and teatulia white tea.

Other than holy basil being a remedy for common cold, the leaves are supposedly a nerve tonic and sharpens memory, strengthens our kidneys and an anti stress agent.

What are you waiting for, buy these teas and enjoy having a good cup of tea with a whole kettle of benefits.

You can buy Numi tea on their website and Teatulia here.

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  1. Before we used to start our day with coffee and now for the last few months we have been only having tea as drinking coffee was giving hubby some heatlh problem. I didn’t know tea was so good.

  2. Happy Hot Tea Month! Those tea-flavours are fascinating- magnolia?! And chocolate is a new twist that I have no recollection of ever trying…that is so NOW with all of the chocolate-bars with subtle flavourings- ever see the reverse: tea-flavoured chocolate?

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