The Oak Cafe, ARC

Feb 17th 2010 will be a special day for us. We became US citizens.  What has that to do with Oak cafe you might ask. Oak cafe is a part of the culinary school at American River College in Carmichael and they offer a fine dining full service restaurant with a prix fix menu featuring dishes cooked by students at the culinary institute. Couple  months ago Teresa Urkofsky asked Shankari if she could come up with an Indian menu for the Oak cafe. Shankari prepared a list of dishes and Teresa put together a delectable choice of 6 items.  We would have never guessed that the day this menu was featured would be the day we were both sworn in  citizens. After getting getting sworn in along with 830 others and getting all the paperwork work we headed off to Oak Cafe in the ARC campus.

Congratulations says the maitre’d as she seated us, the word was out to all the waiters / waitresses knew that we were celebrating at Oak cafe right after the ceremony and they all remembered to congratulate us inspite of their busy schedule.

The cafe is completely student run and is a preparation for what they are going to experience when work in a fine dining restaurant.  The  students an eager bunch, Shankari demoed the recipes and had time to do this only on Presidents day which was a school holiday, but that didn’t stop the students or chefs from coming to class.  Their dedication speaks in the quality of food they put on the table. They surely love what they are doing and every dish speaks to you.

Reservations are needed as there is limited seating and these get filled up really fast. Our friend Mel has prepared the menu for the week of March 3rd featuring Traditional Jewish cooking.  Please make sure you call ahead and make reservations.

Thanks once again to all you @ Oak cafe who made it a memorable day for us, our desserts came with a surprise inscription, I was told feel free to tour the kitchen and take all the pictures you want. We still haven’t stopped speaking about it.

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  1. Just beautiful….how very wonderful that it all happened on the 17th. I know your recipes were a huge hit and they look beautiful!!

    Hello US Citizens Shankari and Raj!!

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