My love for eating and reminiscing about food started very young. I come from a large extended family and every celebration was a reason for a lot of cooking and a lot of food. Many a conversation involved food. We always had piping hot food that was cooked from breakfast through dinner.

Breakfast involved discussions about the lunch menu and lunch involved asking what was for tea and dinner at night. Yes, food obsessed. No wonder, my love for food and cooking.

My earliest memories are of waking up to the sound of the kettle and my mother tapping the lid of the coffee filter. The ting, ting sound that stainless steel lid made was our wake up call for strong, fresh coffee made café au lait style.

I truly missed my amma’s (mom) cooking when I left home. Take out never compensated and I called home asking for specific recipes to recreate the memories and taste of my mom’s food. I tried to replicate recipes from my memories of when I would sit on the counter and watch amma cook. I also bugged my sister at work (so she says) for recipes and methods of how my mom would prepare certain dishes. I tried to replicate dishes that I had with friends when eating out. Thus, began a lifelong passion that has endured.

My proudest moment was winning the Iron Chef competition at the California state fair.

I have been sharing my love for cooking through classes past 12 years. I offer cooking classes in Sacramento and surrounding areas. I also give guest lectures to the culinary students at The American River College every semester.

I love to eat and travel my way through different countries and I invite you join me in this culinary journey.

With everything going on around us, I have decided to offer virtual cooking classes . I also offer virtual team building classes, private classes for families, individuals and customize it based on needs and dietary restrictions. Anyone interested can reach me by email

Please feel free to offer suggestions on dishes you would like to see offered in class.