Let’s Get Cooking

Children who start young, trying different cuisines develop complex taste buds and will be adventurous eaters.

These classes involve real cooking with knives, blenders, stoves, oven etc. so parent/caregiver involvement may be necessary depending on your child/children. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance that your child needs. You know them best
Feel free to stay along and help them if you think they need it

To register for class send me an email to [email protected]
Class Size : Limited to 10
Recipe packets will be emailed a week before class
Cost: $12PP Per Class
Payment: Paypal or Venmo

Approved Inspire Vendor

Dec 10th, 3:30 pm PST Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo
This is a creamy all in one pasta recipe with chicken and broccoli, making it a wholesome meal. We will learn to bake a delicious brownie as well. We will make everything from scratch